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Boost That Resale Value! How Professional House Painters Can Make Your House Look Like New and What Colours Add the Most Value

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The biggest dilemma any house seller has is to decide whether to do any extra maintenance or repairs to the house before selling it. Most sellers will look for the sweet spot of how much is too much money that will eat into return on investment (ROI). Obviously, that will be different for every house. However, one thing almost all real estate agents will agree on is the overall aesthetics or curb appeal of the house. If the house looks good, then it will generally be easier to sell it. Hiring house painters and giving the house a new coat of paint is the fastest, and often the cheapest and easiest way to enhance the curb appeal of a house.

Which Color to go for?

When deciding on a color for the house, believe it or not, there are colors that are more popular than others and a professional house painter will be able to help you with the current trends in Edmonton.

This holds true not only for the exterior but the interior as well. Currently, one of the most popular colors for the exterior is white and beige with grey. Interestingly, white is also popular for kitchens. This may be because white paint gives off a fresh new look.

For bathrooms, the most popular color seems to be light blue. In fact, on average, homes with light blue bathrooms are selling at slightly higher prices. For living rooms, beige and grey-brown is popular. For bedrooms, go with a darker blue. For dining rooms, a lighter green or bluish grey is very popular.

If there are popular colors for the house, there are also unpopular colors that seem to affect the price. For kitchens, yellow seems to be a no-no. Bathrooms that were painted white are getting a big thumbs down and blue colored living rooms is not so hot right now.

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If you are in the market to sell a house and are thinking about giving the house a newer look, then you may want to consider a professional house painter. When a professional house painter looks at a building, they will be able to instantly tell you what areas will need attention. Painting a house is not only about putting on a new coat of paint. It is also about doing minor repairs before applying paint. Professional house painters in Edmonton will also be able to advise you on which colors to choose and exactly how much you will need.

Professional house painters know all about the right paint for a house. They will guide you towards the right decision and turn your house into a sellable product. Contact us today!