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 Edmonton Painters Blog

Edmonton Painters Blog

What Repaint Specialists Want You to Know Before You Choose a Bold Paint Colour

Repaint specialists can help you create the feel you want without the structural expense other "bold" moves entail. Should you go bold, go dark, go brilliant? Here is a bit of advice to keep in mind when choosing your perfect shade. 

House Painters Share their Tips on Making Small Spaces Appear Larger

If you love your small space but would like it to feel more spacious, a new coat of paint can do wonders! Check out these colour tricks that savvy house painters can use to improve the overall feel of your home. 

How Often Should You Hire Interior House Painters?

How often should interior house painters be frequenting your home? The answer isn't quite so simple. There are a few factors involved with determining how frequent or infrequent their visits should be!

Have a Painting Company Help Boost Your Curb Appeal This Spring

What does it take to draw the right kind of interest in your home? Here are some ways to give your home's curb appeal a helpful nudge in the right direction.

Why Repaint Specialists May Choose Different Types of Paint for a Project

Look around your space and find the surface area that will inspire conversation and more creativity throughout your home or business! Now comes the tricky part, knowing what kind of paint will work on the surface you've decided to claim as your next painting project! 

Top Reasons to Hire a Painting Company

Need some more reasons to select a painting company to refresh your space? Let's check the references!

How Repaint Specialists Breathe New Life into Your Old Home

Are there areas in your home that need a pick-me-up? How can a bit of colour change your perspective on a space? With the help of trusted repaint specialists, the dull pallor on your wall can be replaced with a healthy blush!

How to Prepare Your Home for House Painters

You've hired the best house painters in the area to attend to your painting needs. Now what? What can you do to ensure that they can colour your vision with no hesitation? Below is a quick list of "what-to-do" when house painters come to paint your abode!

Accent Wall Ideas that Interior House Painters Love

What unique drama can you create that will impress house guests and quality house painters alike? Here's a hint: add an accent! Want to know more?

3 Big Reasons Why You Should Hire a Painting Company for Your Next Project

Is it time to complete a few painting projects around the home? If it is, more hands make less work! Who can you trust to lend an expert eye and lighten your workload?