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Edmonton Painters Blog
Posted: 2 Oct '17

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colours That You Won’t End Up Hating

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Exterior home colours are mainly pulled from a palette of natural hues. However, it is not odd to find some homeowners who are willing to experiment with bolder options. The conservative approach is a result of a limited pool of normal to play with. If you decide to go off the norm, you may end up creating an odd contrast with your neighbors which in all consideration is not always a good thing. The professional house painters in Edmonton can help you achieve a perfect fit with the colours available. Beyond that, here are some tips geared towards getting the exterior colours right.

Honor the History

Depending on the age and location of your home, select a colour that reflects some levels of heritage. This will make it easier to blend in with the neighbors. However, if you’d like to jazz up the heritage with a personal touch, consult with your house painters in Edmonton to decide to what extent you should push the bubble.

What Are Your Neighbors Doing?

This is not to imply that you out-rightly copy your neighbors. Derive inspiration from the colours schemes adopted by your neighbors so that you do not clash or be wildly off the normal scheme. Your house painters in Edmonton should guide you on how to derive inspiration without being a copy cat.

Borrow From Nature

The landscape surrounding your home is a well of ideas on the colours that can work for you. This is in regards to the colour of the vegetation, positioning of the house, etc. As Professional house painters in Edmonton might comment, what works for a cabin may not work quite the same with a front yard garden.

Work With Things That Won’t Be Painted

Some items such as a natural wooden door, dominant chimney, roof, and bricks will not need to be painted. As such, it is easier to work with colours that compliment the colours of these items so that you don’t clash or inflate costs.

Blend With the Interior

The exterior colours should harmonize with the interior decor scheme. The easiest way to achieve harmony is to derive inspiration from your living room. With the help of trusted House Painters Edmonton, you can develop a colours scheme that incorporates the exteriors as much as the interior. Contact Repaint Professionals today to talk to an expert.

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