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Edmonton Painters Blog
Edmonton Painters Blog
Posted: 8 Jan '17

Preparing Your Home for Professional Painters

Professional Painters in Edmonton from Repaint Professionals
Painting is one of the most economical ways to upgrade the look and feel of your home. Before hiring professional house painters for your Edmonton home, consider preparations to ensure the best outcome. Here are a few things to consider before painting your home.

Test Your Paint Colour Before Committing

As house painters in Edmonton, we know that choosing paint colours can be difficult. To make matters worse, colours may look different on your walls than they did in the store. Colours can vary drastically under different lighting conditions, such as artificial vs. sunlight, within one room. Test your paint colour under different lighting conditions to ensure you're not disappointed when it's all on the wall.

Clear the Way for your House Painters

Painting around fragile items, draperies, and heavy furniture will significantly slow down the process and may result in unnecessary accidents. Before painting, remove any fragile or fabric items and store them in another room. If it's not possible to clear all furniture, push all items to the center of the room so the painters have easier access to the walls and can protect your possessions from splattering

Prepare Walls for Best Results

Once your furniture and valuables are moved, clean your walls to prep for the first coat. While scrubbing, you may find holes and minor imperfections. Fix them with filler, sand, and wash again for best results.

Clearing obstacles and cleaning your walls will ensure your Edmonton house painters can work quickly and safely to transform the interior of your home. The better the preparation, the better the finished product will be. Contact us at Repaint Professionals today to get a quote and let's get started on giving your home a new look and feel!


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