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Edmonton Painters Blog
Posted: 1 Feb '18

Professional Exterior House Painters: How to Prepare the Outside of Your House

A fresh coat of paint can completely transform the exterior of your home, turning an old house new again. When applied properly, a coat of paint can last up to fifteen years. It's always best to hire professional exterior house painters when taking on such a large project instead of doing the work yourself, but what should you do to prepare for the job?

Getting Ready for a Professional Exterior House Painter

Step 1: Wash

A thorough wash is necessary before painting any exterior surface. A good scrub will remove the dirt, debris, and old paint residue, so that your new coat of paint will adhere properly. It will also get rid of any mildew that has grown from years of moisture exposure. Most professional exterior house painters will use a pressure washer that fits the job. Pressure washers can damage wood, break glass, and even injure people if used incorrectly. If you are doing the work yourself, a hose with a power sprayer and a scrub brush can be just as effective and much safer.

Step 2: Scrape

Old paint that is blistered or flaking should be removed, so that your new coat of paint will adhere properly. This is a very difficult task to do by hand but is made slightly easier by using a heating gun to soften up the old paint. Otherwise, you can always use a power grinder to speed up the process, or let our professional exterior house painters do the work for you. For safety, be sure to wear protective goggles and a dust mask.

Step 3: Sand

After you've washed the surface and scraped off the debris, it's time to sand. Sanding is a necessary step to provide a smooth surface for the new paint. For small detailed parts in your exterior, you may need to use 50 or 80 grit sandpaper. Using small pad sanders will make it easier and faster. A power sander can always be used for larger areas. You should always wear a respirator during big sanding jobs.

Step 4: Patching and Filling

After you've finished sanding, it's time to repair any areas that would inhibit a smooth surface. You can use a product made specifically for small patching that will dry and create a flat surface when painting. Any rot or large damaged pieces should be removed and replaced.

Step 4: Prime

A primer should be applied before painting and this can be done by professional exterior house painters.

All of these steps can be down by our repaint professionals, or on your own. Be sure to contact professional exterior house painters in Edmonton today!

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