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Reasons to Have a Variety of Colours in Your Home

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Painting the interior of your home can be as interesting or boring as you want it to be. Sure, you could just go with traditional colours for the whole area that will hardly be inspiring. On the other hand, you could opt for a variety of colours that suit the personality of your home. In fact, the colours you choose can also reflect your personality. Ultimately, colours play a role in the mood of people who are exposed to it. In fact, each colour is associated with different moods. Interior house painters have the experience required to help choose the appropriate combination.

Colours to Add to Your Home


If you would like a calming and cooling colour, go with blue. Because of these qualities blue is a favourite colour to paint bedrooms and sometimes living rooms.


In ancient times purple was associated with royalty by many cultures. These days, purple is seen as the colour that promotes your imagination. Like the colour blue, purple is also associated with relaxation. With these two qualities going for it, purple is popular in private studies and home offices.


If you want to promote optimism, happiness and inspiration then yellow is the colour to go with. At the same time, yellow, especially pale yellow, is not intrusive or distracting. A great place to paint the walls yellow would be the living room or the office room.


Green is seen as the colour representing nature and it promotes a joyful and relaxed atmosphere. Living rooms and kitchens are popular areas to paint green.


Red is the most energetic of all the colours, hence people tend to use it in specific areas. Depending on the shade you choose, red promotes cheerfulness. Lighter shades are used in kitchens and dining rooms. Pink, which is the lightest variation of the colour red is a popular colour for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Honourable Mentions

There are other colours that can be used in conjunction with the primary colours to add zest or mystery to a space, such as grey, silver, brown, black and white. You can use these colours to paint the entire room, if you are looking for a more formal look.

Choosing Interior House Painters

Unless you are an artist and have clear ideas regarding colour choices, the best thing to do is talk to professional painters. Interior house painters have years of experience advising customers on which colour combinations to go with. Contact us today if you are ready to talk about how to change the interior of your home.