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Edmonton Painters Blog
Edmonton Painters Blog
Posted: 14 Jun '16

Starting Summer Off Right with Exterior House Painting

Exterior House Painters in Edmonton from Repaint Professionals
If you're like most people, when the summer weather is finally here, the first outdoor job on your mind are to get your yard looking great. Most people also look at the exterior paint on their house and think that eventually before the summer ends, they should really paint their house. For those who really don't like painting and keep putting it off, there are a number of reasons why you need to call house painters in Edmonton and get that job done first.

Avoid Damage and Expensive Repairs

One of the main reasons to have professional house painters get your Edmonton home painted with a nice new coat for the summer is that the potential for extensive damage and increased costs you'll face if you put it off. When properly treated, wood is a great building product that can withstand a lot. Once the paint is peeling and the wood surface is exposed, deterioration happens quickly.

With summer rain, you can expect rot and mould to build up, which significantly weakens the structure of a house. With the hot summer sun, the wood may dry out, causing warping and cracking. If you have to start replacing the wood rather than having your home repainted, the costs will add up quickly.

Wasted Labour on Yard Work

You have finished your yard work and the back-breaking work to create beautiful flower beds around the foundation of your house has been well worth it. Your house has never looked better! Except of course, for the paint chips that keep falling onto your new plants. You decide to get the exterior house painting done after all since it's ruining your flower beds.

Enter the expert house painters you have found in Edmonton. Before you know it, scaffolding is up and workers are everywhere, transforming the look of your house and... your beautiful beds around the house are now expensive mulch. While you can certainly redo the work to get your garden back, it would be easier to get the house painting out of the way first.

For non-professionals, painting the exterior of a home is a dreaded job that is messy, labour-intensive and difficult to get done just right. As professional house painters in Edmonton, Repaint Professionals can get restore the exterior of your home while you enjoy a few cold beverages and plan your amazing flower beds. Contact us today for a free estimate and cross off a big job from your summer to-do list!

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