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What Colours Should Painting Companies Use to Help You Sell Your Home?

What Colours Should Painting Companies Use to Help You Sell Your Home?

Are you looking to make bank on your home? What changes can you make to improve your home's desirability? One of the easiest ways to keep buyers' offers rolling in is by adding a fresh coat of paint! Simple right? Or not?! Let's find out what the best painting companies in the business recommend to upgrade your home's interior and boost your home sale value! Call us today for a consultation.  

Add Value to the Most Valuable Player 

What space in your home can bring the most returns when you invest in it? It's the kitchen! It's the most valuable player in the investment game in your home. Painting companies who know what it takes to resale a home know that a gentle shade of grey blue paint can accentuate your kitchen in all the right areas! Shades of grey and blue soften the sharp edges of cabinetry and create a cohesive feel that appeals to buyers. These colours are very complimentary for the staging process as well. 

What appeals most to sellers is the fact that you can update your kitchen without emptying your budget. And you can get the profit you want! 

Beyond the Pale Living Rooms 

Your living room may be one of the first things a buyer sees when entering your home. It should be a welcoming space and give off a calming effect. You can entrust that need for a certain ambiance to the skilled painting companies who understand what colours can mean for your future. 

The painting companies you can trust may suggest using pale taupe shades, oatmeal colours, or a light beige to bring a cozy appeal. These shades allow buyers to visualize their personal touches because of the neutral canvas you've presented. Real estate moguls know that when a potential buyer can see themselves in a space and the changes they will make, they are well on their way to making a profitable sale! 

Prestigious Painting Companies Keep Colours on the Mark 

Bathrooms and bedrooms, like kitchens, tend to sell well in shades of blue! If you want to up the offers, you can by using high-quality painting companies’ recipes for success. Small bathroom spaces brighten up in periwinkle and icy shades of blue. Darker colours can make small spaces feel more closed off and disjointed. 

Bedrooms also benefit from blue walls. Buyers can see many possibilities for creating a spa-like room to relax in when blue is the complementary colour scheme. Rustic and modern interior styles play well off blue. This versatility appeals to the unique needs of people across the proverbial board. 

Are You Ready to Sell? 

Look for a painting company can you trust with your home? Whether you are ready to move on to your next home, or need an upgrade to your current living space, we have a solution for you! Contact us today and discover how paint can bring profitability when you decide to sell your home.