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Why Would my Paint Bubble, Peel or Crack?

Why Would my Paint Bubble, Peel or Crack?

If you have noticed unsightly bubbling, cracking, or peeling of paint in or on your home, don't panic! Qualified house painters can help. Bubbling or cracking paint is the last thing you should have to worry about inside your home or on your home's exterior. That sinking feeling you get when paint does not cooperate is hard to get over. What causes paint to react in such a way? How can you remedy the situation? You've got all the right questions. Here are some simple answers to why your paint is misbehaving! Call us today for a consultation

Improper Prep 

Expert house painters understand that the type of surface you paint can trigger different reactions in the paint you use. Painting over surfaces previously painted allows for many unknowns to affect the success of the job. It may be beneficial to test or prep a small area of the surface with the paint you intend to use to discover any potential problems. 

Surfaces that haven't been cleaned properly can also cause bubbling. A surface should be rid of dirt and grime before applying paint. Mildew can also contaminate the surface of an exterior. House painters who have experience will make sure to address those problems before paint prep and prime begins. 

Weather and Other Paint Woes 

Cracking paint can be triggered by many different factors. Some factors cause more severe reactions.   

Impatience ruins paint. How? Some of the worst cracking walls or surfaces experience occur because the paint is not left to cure properly. If you apply a second layer too soon, alligator style cracking can happen. 

House painters that are wise to the weather know when to avoid painting and when to schedule appointments. Humidity, excessive rains, direct sunlight, and intense heat all encourage cracking! Some paints do not contract or expand effectively with high humidity levels. If you own an older home, try to find out what paint is on your walls. 

Low-quality paint can cause cracking. Better quality paints applied by professional house painters can keep your home colorful for years to come! 

Making Good on Your Paint Vision 

You've decided it's time to get rid of the bubbling/cracking situation your paint job has developed. What do you do next? If you need a repaint ASAP or later on, contact Repaint Professionals today! You'll experience first-hand what efficiency and paint acumen looks like in action when our team of expert house painters is on your contact list.