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10 Things Painting Companies Consider When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

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Trusted Painting Companies Provide Unique Perspectives

When seeking out quality painting companies, what do you look for? Their professionalism speaks for itself!  How do top-notch house painters determine what paint options and methods are best for your home? Call us today for an estimate! Here are 10 things detail-oriented painting companies consider when painting your home:

1. How much of your home's exterior surface needs individualized attention.

If the surface of your home has noticeable signs of wear and tear, certain processes are required to ensure your paint job lasts.

2. What kind of weather is prevalent in the area.

Look for painting companies that don't just paint but diagnose any potential conditions that could affect the finished product and the quality of their work and make calculated adjustments.

3. They determine what painting products and tools will be necessary to ensure the right type of paint and process is applied to your home's exterior

Under close inspection, they'll choose the type of paint needed and decide the number of coats necessary for quality application.

4. How clean or dirty the exterior's surface is.

Trusted painting companies will want to remove any dirt, loose paint, or mildew that could interfere with the paint's adherence.

5. If there is scraping or sanding needed to even out the exterior

Conscientious painting companies will determine how that affects the amount of time needed for the job. The more specific the bid, the better idea you'll have as to what your exterior needs most.

6. Are there any areas that show rot along the exterior?

Wood rot needs to be addressed before further steps are taken in the painting process.

7. Quality painting companies check to make sure peeling caulking is removed and replaced.

Without the removal of the existing damaged caulking, a repaint may be in your nearer than necessary future!

8. Are primer and/or bonding agents going to be needed?

Certain bonding agents can even surfaces, prevent premature peeling/cracking, and act as a sealant against moisture and humidity.

9. What kind of exterior repairs or patchwork is needed?

Other than wood rot, cracks can ruin a finished look. Painters use top-notch repair materials and caulking to create a seamless paint finish.

10. How much surface area requires paint and repair?

This may be one of the most impactful factors on the list! Painters have to consider the labour, type of paint and amount of paint and materials it will take for a home to get a much-needed refresh.

Considering All That High-Quality Painting Companies Offer Your Exterior

Does your home's exterior need a fresher outlook? Do you? The best painting companies set themselves apart from all the rest! It's time for an expert touch to finish your painting vision! Call us today for a free consultation.