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Edmonton Painters Blog
Edmonton Painters Blog
Posted: 31 Jul '17

Abstract Feature Wall Paintings: The Newest Trends in Painting

Feature Wall Paintings

You might think that interior painting consists of simply selecting a paint and then painting. However, people are more creative and are going for distinctive feature wall painting. Feature walls add colour and pop to an otherwise neutral wall, most preferably, an open plan area. In the past, wallpaper has been used for this purpose but if you have tried removing it from a wall, you know there has to be a better way.

The better way is feature wall paintings. In addition to being the latest trend in the market, it is also a fun and effective way to add character to your walls. Therefore, below are some ideas on how to use feature painting for your abstract graphic walls.

Mural Style

Murals are beautiful designs that work especially well in children’s rooms. The design can incorporate all walls of the room and even the ceiling. Common murals include landscape or a scene filled with animals to create a sense of calm.

Accent Wall

This idea is best used on one wall. Preferably, the feature wall painting is done on the wall anchoring furniture although it can also serve well in a blank wall by giving it some character.

Cover All Walls

If you are already sold on this trend, you can go all out and deploy Feature Wall Painting on all four walls of a room of your choice. However, be keen that the paint colour and the design does not overpower the space but instead compliments it. With selected colours, incorporate shapes to direct the eye and add a distinctive flair to the room.

Add an Artistic Touch with Feature Wall Designs

Abstract graphic walls help achieve style, character, and pop without the hassle of having to glue wallpapers over your walls. While some wallpaper designs are admittedly good, feature wall painting offers a way to make personally unique designs that can derive inspiration from your beloved wallpaper designs then tweaked to look better. You can decide to go all out with bold colours and designs or settle for a subtle appeal. You are totally in control of the design, colours, and patterns.

With the highly trained and widely experienced painters at Repaint Professionals, you can rest assured that your feature wall painting will be developed to perfection. Contact us today to get started.

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