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How Often Should You Hire Interior House Painters?

How Often Should You Hire Interior House Painters?

Have you ever asked yourself, "when will I get to see my favourite interior house painters again?" It's okay if you haven't! But really, how often should interior house painters be frequenting your home? The answer isn't quite so simple. There are a few factors involved with determining how frequent or infrequent their visits should be! And the answer is - in part - dependent on your stylistic choices.  Call us today for a consultation.

Knowing When Too Soon is Too Soon

High-quality interior house painters know that no room or paint brand is the same. Wall and ceiling surfaces can be as wonderfully diverse as the people that see them daily. Experienced painters know that what's listed below affects whether or not they return sooner or later to touch up the job. Here are some of the things interior house painters consider when painting.

  • Paint quality
  • Paint type
  • Material type (brick, wood, drywall)
  • Room type
  • Climate

Quality Paint, Long Life

In books, it's the binding that holds a book together. In paint, binders are what keep luscious colours brilliant and bold for years to come. Latex paint with acrylic binders is more costly, but they keep house painters from frequent revisits. If you want to avoid paying for extra labour, choose a paint type that is less prone to cracks and stains. Paint types in matte, semi-gloss, and high gloss may have different protective qualities. Make sure to ask your repaint specialist for more details! 

It's Not Immaterial

The type of surface you paint can affect how long a colour maintains its initial vigour. Brick, wood, stone, and drywall individually react differently to a coat of paint. It doesn't hurt to ask the painting crew you trust to give you all the details on the length of time before a reapplication is needed! It may help you decide what will meet your needs financially and creatively. 

Bathrooms and kitchen areas often need more frequent paint applications. In these areas, the amount of moisture, steam, grease, and smoke build up more quickly than in other areas of the home. Where you live can also affect the longevity of a paint job. High humidity areas can affect the paint's adherence to a surface. Meanwhile, extreme temperatures from hot to cold can cause excessive cracking. 

Wise Choices

If you want to ensure less out-of-pocket expense, it's important to hire interior house painters that know how to avoid overstaying their welcome. Do you prefer changing up the colours in your home more frequently? Infrequently? What surfaces need painting? How is the climate where you are? Contact Repaint Professionals today to find out the answer to these questions and get the custom paint fix you need for your home!