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How Repaint Specialists Can Help Boost Office Productivity

How Repaint Specialists Can Help Boost Office Productivity

Have you ever walked into an office or work area and noticed that you felt comfortable being there? Or that you liked the choice of paint colours? If the answer is yes, then it was most likely not a coincidence.  It is well known that colours have a resounding effect on your mood. Colour theory science shows certain colours have a comforting, calming, or mood-boosting effect on people. Contact us today for more information on choosing a paint color for your office.

Today, when people think about painting or repainting an office space or any other indoor space where people will spend a good portion of the day, they will consider painting it with colours that affect mood positively. When consulting repaint specialists, you should ask about colours that specifically help boost productivity.

Here are some ideas regarding colours to help with the work environment, according to repaint specials Keep in mind that colours change your psychology according to the intensity of the colour. For example, pink will not have the same effect as red and so on.


Yellow is known for its calming effect, hence the phrase “mellow yellow”. Yellow is also considered to be the colour of happiness and capable of lifting your spirits. As mentioned before, the shade or intensity of a colour will affect mood differently.


In a lighter shade blue is generally considered to be a calming colour. Dark blue, on the other hand, perpetuates an atmosphere of focus. Industries where people are required to be highly focused for longer periods of time will usually go with blue. Some examples would be accounting firms as well as packaging and distribution centers.


Are you in an industry that requires a balanced approach to do business, such as finance or law-related work? Repaint specialists suggest green for these environments. Green is not only associated with money but is considered to be the colour that represents luck, fairness, and tranquility. Green is also the colour of nature, so it can have a calming effect on many people. Due to its association with the outdoors, green is a great colour for businesses with ties to the environmental industry.


Red is a relatively rare colour to be used in an office space. Red represents intensity and a sense of urgency. Therefore, this colour is usually reserved for environments where typical days require lots of physical activity and labour.

Consult with Repaint Specialists for More Ideas

It is well documented that the colours surrounding them have a profound effect on people. To set the tone for your business, ask our repaint specialists for advice on what colours to use in your office setting. Call us today for a quote!