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Posted: 1 Jul '18

How to Prepare for Commercial Painters

Preparing for commercial painters is a multi-pronged process, and you will need to put together a list of things to do before getting started. The following are some of the most important matters to include in the list.


Before you start any painting, interior or exterior, you will want to fix any repairs. Putty any holes, remove cracked or flaking paint, and smooth or sand any bumps and imperfections. Your professional commercial painter will be able to let you know of any repair work that needs to be done before starting to paint.

Outside Work

If you plan on using commercial painters to work on the exterior of your building, then you may need to warn your neighbors in the adjacent building. That way, they can take proper precautions to avoid dust or odors from entering their building. This is also an appropriate time to think of any physical preparation of the building such as trimming back any trees and making sure taps and hoses are in working order.

Interior Preparations

Even though commercial painters are highly skilled professionals, they will inadvertently create a small mess when doing their job. It’s the nature of the beast. Hence, make sure everything gets covered and protected from accidental spills or splashes. You should cover all carpets, glassware and remove artwork attached to the walls.


Assuming all the necessary prep work is done, you are now ready to talk to commercial painters and start working on estimates. This is best done in person as opposed to calling on the phone. Commercial painters who take their business seriously will give their quotes and estimates for free. This also an appropriate time ask commercial painters what they expect from you as far as preparations go.

Choosing Colors

Choosing the right paint color can be a daunting and deceptive task. This is partly because paints can look different according to the light it is exposed to. Experienced commercial painters will be able to help you select a color and get the finish you have in mind.

From repairs to paint colours, we will help you through every step of your painting project. Get in touch with our professional commercial painters when you are ready to begin your painting project.

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