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Refresh Your Office for the Summer with the Help of a Repaint Specialist

If you are shopping around for a painter to give your office a new coat of paint.. A repaint specialist will  skilled at their job, to give you the best results for your job. They spend many years under the guidance and supervision of another highly skilled specialist and learn the craft. As a result, when you hire them, your office is not only going to look great, the paint job will last much longer.

Typically, when you decide to take on the painting job by yourself, you are going to see a deterioration in the paint within a few years. With a repaint specialist, the paint will last much longer. The reason for this is not mysterious. The following is a brief breakdown regarding how they accomplish a high-quality finish.

  • Each building or office is closely examined. This is important because no two buildings are alike. After taking a closer look at the building the painter will give you his opinion on what needs to be done. Informed decisions is the name of the game here. 
  • The first step a they will take is look at the substrate condition. This is very crucial and all work moving forward will depend on this. Usually, a special primer will be applied at this stage.
  • There is a misunderstanding that all paints are the same. A repaint specialist knows this is not true. New paints with thermal plastics allow for proper expansion and contraction depending on the weather. This stops the paint from cracking.

Now that we have taken a closer look at how repaint specialists go about their work, it is time to take a look at the business side of things. Just as not all painters are created equal, not all repaint companies are the same. Make sure to find one that has all the necessary warranties and insurances to do the job. Many painting companies simply cannot afford to get work hazard related insurance.

If you live in the Edmonton area, ask yourself if it's about  time to repaint your office. Summer time is generally a good time to do paint jobs. When you are ready, give us a call to speak to an informed staff member to discuss your options and request a free quote!