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Edmonton Painters Blog
Edmonton Painters Blog
Posted: 1 Apr '18

Tips on How to Apply Ceiling Texture Painting to Your Home

Adding texture to your ceiling can be a great way to add some dimension to a room. However, this technique requires experience and skill to be done properly, so its best to call the ceiling texture painting experts in Edmonton. Textured ceilings are very common in new construction these days and they need to be cared for and maintained just like a non-textured ceiling. A new coat of paint will eventually be necessary and its best to leave this to the professionals as well. Repaint Professionals in Edmonton will have all the materials and experience necessary to ensure your finished ceiling looks amazing. Here are the steps they will follow for your new textured ceiling.

Prepping the Room

Your ceiling texture painters will tape off existing walls with painting tape and apply rollup plastic drop cloths to protect them from paint splatter from the ceiling. The electrical breaker will need to be turned off and temporary lights will be installed using an extension cord plugged into a nearby room. The ceiling light fixture or fan will need to be removed as well unless it is too large or awkward to remove. In that case, it will be covered with painting tape and plastic. All furniture in the room will need to be covered also and possibly temporarily moved.

Ceiling Texture Paint Application

Most of the available ceiling texture options are created by applying thinned joint compound sprayed on with a commercial texture sprayer and then putting it on by hand to resemble stucco or pressing it on with texture brush. Some smoother texture options can be applied with a roller, but larger, bumpier textures are better applied with a sprayer.


It's best to apply one or two coats of a stain-blocking primer with a roller before the actual ceiling texture painting. This will prevent moisture, smoke and grease stains from soaking through the new paint. A medium-nap roller is usually used for an almost smooth texture and a large-nap roller is used if the texture is deeper. To prevent the paint from drying while you're working, it's important to roll continuously once starting. Repaint Professionals will have all the proper materials and equipment to roll your ceiling properly.


For better coverage, ceiling texture painting experts will spray the paint on your textured ceiling. They will most likely use a large commercial sprayer. Multiple light coats are better than one or heavy ones.

Once you're ready to begin your textured ceiling, be sure to call Repaint Professionals. They will ensure your project is done properly so that all you need to do is enjoy your new room. Call to set up an appointment with ceiling texture painting experts in Edmonton today!

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