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Edmonton Painters Blog
Edmonton Painters Blog
Posted: 1 May '18

Update Your Vinyl Siding with the Help of a Repaint Specialist!

Ever since vinyl siding was introduced back in the 1950s, is has been a hit. The primary reason for this is because vinyl takes its time to fade. Contrary to what some people believe, vinyl does start to fade after a few decades. The speed at which vinyl loses its color depends entirely on the elements it is exposed. Of course, you may be tempted to toss out the old vinyl siding; an expensive option. However, a much cheaper and practical option is to employ a repaint specialist to bring your vinyl back to its former glory, with a coat or two of fresh new paint.

What Will a Repaint Specialist Do?


For this part, it all comes down to how old/damaged the vinyl is. If it is slightly faded and relatively clean, then a quick spray with a pressure wash is all you need. However, if there is a lot of dirt caked on to it, then it is not unusual for a to wash it more than once. The first time will be done with a pressure washer and then a second wash with cleaning solution. This will get rid of moss or dirt stuck to the vinyl. If the vinyl was repainted in the past, then ensure no loose material is remaining. This may require some light sanding to remove.


It is important to make sure the siding has dried completely before you can think of applying paint. A repaint specialist will confirm there is no water hidden in the seams or nooks and crannies. The aim here is to find any possible place where the water may have collected, and have it removed. The good news is that vinyl sidings will rarely need priming. Therefore, once cleaned and dried, the coast is clear for repainting.


An experienced repaint specialist will use not only high-quality paint, but paints made specifically for vinyl material. The reason why this is important is that vinyl siding tends to expand or contract with the changes in temperature.

Communicate Clearly

At the end of the day, repainting the vinyl siding of your house is not only possible, it is a practical and cheaper alternative to buying new vinyl. When consulting with a vinyl repaint specialist, just be sure to be on the same page regarding methods and materials, as well as warranty issues, before the actual work starts. If you are ready to take the next step towards repainting your vinyl siding, visit our repaint specialists today, to get you started.

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