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Professional or DIY? Should You Hire a Painting Company for Your Home Painting Project?

Do you have a home project that needs a brilliant brush of colour to liven it up? If you are feeling anxious about ensuring your home paint project meets your grand vision, there's hope!

How Often Should Landlords Hire Repaint Specialists?

Landlords know the importance of making a great first impression. First impressions can mean the difference between acquiring a loyal tenant or receiving a "we'll get back to you" response.

When is the Best Time to Hire a Painting Company to Paint the Exterior of your Home?

Does your home's exterior need a lift? Are you looking for a quick way to refresh your home? A fresh coat of paint can change the entire look of a home's exterior in a positive way.

The Top Interior Paint Trends of 2020

Interior house painters are well aware of the transformative powers that a fresh coat of paint can have on your home. Paint is a relatively low-commitment way to make a major impact on your home’s atmosphere and appearance.

How Repaint Specialists Can Help Boost Office Productivity

Have you ever walked into an office or work area and noticed that you felt comfortable being there? Or that you liked the choice of paint colours? If the answer is yes, then it was most likely not a coincidence.  

What Rooms Should You be Painting When you Sell Your Home?

So, you are thinking about selling your house and you are not too happy with the overall look of the house. You may be tempted to paint the entire house, or you may be thinking that the new owners will repaint it themselves, so why bother? 

Reasons to Have a Variety of Colours in Your Home

Painting the interior of your home can be as interesting or boring as you want it to be.  Opt for a variety of colours that suit the personality of your home. In fact, the colours you choose can also reflect your personality.

Why it May Be a Good Idea to Paint in Winter

Are you thinking about getting your house painted with the help of painting companies Edmonton, but want to wait for winter to pass? In that case, there is no need to put off your house painting project for weather-related reasons. You may be surprised to know that there are real benefits that come with painting a home during the wintertime. The following are some of the main ones.

The Benefits of Using Repaint Specialists to Repaint Your Business

The idea of painting or repainting a business establishment usually produces yawns amongst business owners. This is unfortunate. It is time to see that keeping a business looking well-kept and attractive should be seen as a necessity as well as a good investment. The following are the main reasons why you should use repaint specialists to repaint your business.

Signs You Need to Hire a Painting Company for Your Home

It may be tempting, when you look at the state of the paint of your home and are not happy with it, to just go ahead and re-paint it yourself. However, as with any large projects, painting a home looks simpler than it really is. There are many signs that will start showing that hiring a painting company is in your future.

Could Your Building Use Some TLC? Use a Repaint Specialist to Refresh Your Space!

It is well-known and accepted these days that colors affect people’s mood. Blue and yellow make you mellow, purple is good for concentration and so on. In other words, choosing a color for your room or rooms is more than just about what is aesthetically pleasing. It is well documented that houses and rooms that are painted with specific colors, tend to be picked up by buyers and renters more quickly.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional Painting Company

Painting a house or a room is not only about giving it a new look or making it more appealing. It is also about creating a foundation upon which you will decorate the house. It is common for people to consider painting their house themselves. However, unless you are talking about a small repair job or patchwork, full painting jobs should be done by a professional.

Use Professional Interior House Painters to Set the Tone of the Interior of Your Home

The quickest way to make any house look good again, is to give it a new coat of paint. This is why sellers advise homeowners to paint their house, both on interior and exterior. Whatever the reason behind your decision to paint the house, one thing for sure is that interior house painting freshens up the house and makes it look clean and inviting.

Refresh Your Office for the Summer with the Help of a Repaint Specialist

If you are shopping around for a painter to give your office a new coat of paint, you may have come across terms such as professional painter, house painter, repaint specialist and so on. Is there a difference between these categories? The simple answer is yes. With a repaint specialist, the paint will last much longer.

Boost That Resale Value! How Professional House Painters Can Make Your House Look Like New and What Colours Add the Most Value

The biggest dilemma any house seller has is to decide whether to do any extra maintenance or repairs to the house before selling it. Most sellers will look for the sweet spot of how much is too much money that will eat into return on investment (ROI). Obviously, that will be different for every house. However, one thing almost all real estate agents will agree on is the overall aesthetics or curb appeal of the house.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painting Company

Getting a new coat of paint on your Edmonton home is the fastest way to make it look and feel new and fresh. However, it may be difficult to resist the temptation to go the DIY route when it comes to painting your home.

How Often Should Painting By a Repaint Specialist Be Done?

Repaint specialists are masters at keeping your exterior, and therefore brand, looking immaculate, which is a great way to boost that impression. So, how do you know if you need to update your exterior with commercial painting from a repaint specialist?

What You Need to Know to Prepare for Industrial Painting

Industrial painting involves the coating of thousands of square feet of surfaces. Those surfaces can consist of anything from metals to cement block, to drywall to wood. When applying these high-performance paints, preparation is vital.

How House Painters in Edmonton Enhance Your Curb Appeal

First impressions go a long way when it comes to the desirability of anything, including your home.

New Year, New Look: Rejuvenate Your Office with the Help of Repaint Specialists

When was the last time you looked at your office walls? Is it time for some commercial painting? Here is what you can expect from our repaint specialists. 

Get Rid of Winter Blues with Interior House Painters in Edmonton

What better time to take on a painting project than in the winter! Here are a few ways our painting experts can help with interior house painters in Edmonton! 

Get Professional Help on Your Industrial Painting Project from a Painting Company in Edmonton

Prevent corrosion, protect your equipment, and provide safety for your employees with the help of a painting company in Edmonton..

Interior House Painting Projects to Do this Winter

The temperatures have dropped and that means you'll be spending more time inside. Why not mix up your decor with some interior house painting?

What’s the Best Season to Hire an Exterior Repaint Specialist in Edmonton?

Painting the interior or exterior of your home is a great way to upgrade your home. But when is the best time of year to call a repaint specialist?

Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Interior House Painting

Are you thinking about changing the colours of your walls? Do you know the steps to take to get started? Here are our simple tips to help you out.

How to Prepare for Commercial Painters

Looking to have your commercial building painted? You're in luck! We have professional interior and exterior commercial painters to get the job done!

Rejuvenate Your Home with Ease: Leave Your Residential House Painting to Our Professionals

Painting the interior or exterior of your home is a great way to rejuvenate your home. Here's what you should know about residential house painting.

Update Your Vinyl Siding with the Help of a Repaint Specialist!

Did you know that you can repaint your vinyl siding? Let our repaint specialists give your home a face-lift with a new coat of paint.

Tips on How to Apply Ceiling Texture Painting to Your Home

Are you looking to add a unique dimension to your ceiling? Contacting one of our experts in ceiling texture painting is your first step!

Modern Accent or Feature Wall Painting Ideas

Adding a pop of colour to your home is always intimidating. Trust our professional painters to help add colour with a feature wall painting guide.